Work in progress

The project explores the topic of the transformation of the working world and aims to address the question of how immersive information transfer can facilitate co-creation of the future of work.


Given the dynamic nature of the working world, we are constantly facing questions about how we will work in the future, whether due to the shortage of skilled workers or the rapid pace of technological advancements. As such, shaping the future of work is a task for all members of society, and not just politics and the economy.


To enable citizens to actively participate in this endeavor, we must first examine the potential, opportunities, and risks of the future of work. To facilitate this exploration, a virtual information space was created that allows viewers to immerse themselves in various potentials of a future world of work.


Desk research

To develop this project, in-depth research on the transformation of work, its historical development, drivers, and potential scenarios was conducted.


The ideation phase involved brainstorming and sketching out various media and content options, ranging from continuing education apps to interactive exhibitions.


After careful consideration, the idea of an exhibition was pursued and combined with virtual reality (VR) technology. This technology allows users to interact with content in a unique and immersive way that goes beyond traditional media.


The exhibition, created using Unity and the HTC Vive, features a gear installation with auditory content, three-dimensional information graphics, and simple text-image combinations.


The project was showcased for two days at the Werkschau of the Technical University of Applied-Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt and offered visitors the opportunity to find out more about the future of work.


Mar ’18 – Jun ’18


Bachelor thesis