Real estate software

The project was initiated to develop smart software solutions that cater to the actual needs of real estate consultants, thereby simplifying operational activities.

Image of desktop screen showing a map and location information


The project had two core areas: real estate acquisition and sales. Our challenge was to closely examine the needs of real estate consultants in these areas and develop efficiency-enhancing tools based on those needs.


The project resulted in a Service Blueprint that clearly outlines the pains, needs, and opportunities, as well as eight detailed ideas for a smart real estate software. These ideas were prototyped and validated in collaboration with real estate consultants.


Status Quo Analysis

To start, we closely examined the existing tools used by real estate consultants, as well as the software available on the market. Additionally, we gathered stakeholder insights through interviews.

Interviews and Service Blueprinting

We conducted over 20 interviews with relevant user groups throughout Germany to understand their workflows in real estate acquisition and sales. Based on individual best practices, pain points, and needs, we created a detailed service blueprint.

The online workshop space was presented in a playful manner, resembling a floor plan of real estate.


Concrete ideas were formulated during a two-day workshop, in which representatives from user groups and stakeholders gathered to follow up on opportunity areas identified in the Service Blueprint.


The developed concepts were then visualized as wireframes.


The wireframes served as the basis for a quantitative evaluation. Eight concept ideas were presented in an online survey and evaluated by 250 participants. The feedback was used to prioritize the ideas and discover starting points for improvements.

Refinement and Validation

After refining the prototypes, the concepts were validated by real estate consultants validated in qualitative interviews.


Oct ’21 – Feb ’22


UX Researcher and Designer